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BamboozBetter was born out of a desire to solve a longstanding problem – for myself, and hopefully others.


At various times I am a maker, a designer or something in between. Much of the work I do in 2d and 3d design is produced using online services. Living in the Caribbean is, of course, fantastic – but does come with issues related to material supply and availability. Using online production services provides access to a wide range of materials and the latest in production technology. For 3d printing that means the ability to have pieces made in steel, precious metals and much more. For laser cutting that means that acrylic, leather, bamboo and many other materials are available. The downside is the logistics (and the cost) – the 3d printing is done either in New York or The Netherlands, the laser cutting in California.


Over the years I have really wanted to be able to produce everything locally and more sustainably and have constantly searched for sources of material that make sense for the small quantities I use – with limited success. Some of my laser cutting work is now being done locally, but I am still online for the 3d printing.


I have done lasercut jewelry in acrylic and leather, but my favorite material for lasercut jewelry is bamboo - beautiful, durable, sustainable - but where to find it?. After years of frustration I finally decided to solve my own problem – but that meant having to acquire much more bamboo than I could possibly use. Thus BamboozBetter was born - to solve a problem for myself and to make this material available to other makers and creatives.


My beautiful Caribbean location comes at the price of really difficult outbound logistics as well - so I decided to make BamboozBetter available on Amazon to better serve my customers. I have started with the two main thicknesses I use - the 2mm is ideal for earrings, and the 3mm works well for keychains and pendants. If all works out I plan to add some more thicknesses and form factors.


Please feel free to check out the links to Amazon below. Thanks much in advance!

Available exclusively on

2mm x 8" x 8"

6 pack

3mm x 8" x 8"

4 pack

Some things I've made in bamboo

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