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Steelpan Jewelry and Accessories

At TriniThingi you will find steelpan themed jewelry, ornaments and accessories 3d-printed in a variety of materials - including steel, precious-plated brass, silver, gold and more.

We are located in the Caribbean twin-island nation of Trinidad & Tobago, but appreciate that we are citizens of the world.

Our thingis are rooted in the unique culture of Trinidad & Tobago, with particular emphasis on the steelpan.

The steelpan, invented in the 1930s in Trinidad, is the only acoustic musical instrument invented in the 20th century. Steelpan (locally known as pan) is an integral part of our Carnival culture - it is the national instrument of Trinidad & Tobago and is now played and enjoyed throughout the world.

The designs are true to the note layout of the individual steelpan instruments - though artistic licence is taken with other aspects of the design. The pieces thus reflect actual instruments and should be recognizable to pan players (pannists) anywhere in the world - but also appeal to the non-musician pan aficionado or anyone wanting to be reminded of the soundtrack to their perfect Caribbean vacation and our unique island vibe.

We hope you enjoy!

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