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Pipewuk windchimes are made with intention. We aim to create beautiful sounding, visually appealing, high quality and long lasting windchimes – through a combination of traditional hand crafting and some really cool tech like laser cutting and CNC machining.


In order to provide a sonorous sound and memorable listening experience our windchimes are concert tuned to either a pentatonic scale or C9 chord. They are available in three sizes (and thus tones). The C7 is the smallest and has the highest tone – the overall length is approx. 22in with the longest tube being approx. 9in. The C6 is in the middle of the range, whilst the C5 produces the lowest tone and has an overall length of approx. 34in with the longest tube being approx. 18in.

Listen here

Headphones recommended

Pentatonic (C,D,E,G,A)

C5 Pentatonic
C6 Pentatonic
C7 Pentatonic

C9 Chord (C,E,G,A#/Bb,D)

C5 C9 Chord
C6 C9 Chord
C7 C9 Chord


The materials we use are intended to ensure that your windchime will provide years of enjoyment.

Our Cloud line uses a combination of brushed galvanised steel for the tubular bells, frosted acrylic for the support ring, striker (special star shape), and windsail and hemp or paracord to string it all together.


Apart from the sound, no two of our windchimes are identical. Our windsails are available in different shapes and incorporate designs based on themes such as the garden (butterflies, hummingbirds, flowers), mindfulness (tree of life, yoga, the buddha), and others. These elements, together with the tuning and stringing options, result in thousands of possible combinations. We then take it a step further because our windchimes are embellished with glass beading – the possibilities thus become essentially infinite.


Customise it

Your windchime can be customised both in terms of sound and appearance. The pentatonic scale and C9 chord were chosen because they produce a melodious sound in a windchime – but they are far from being the only great sounding combinations - you can choose any five note combination you like. The windsail can be customised in both size and shape, as well as in your choice of lasercut design. You can also choose the colour of your cord and the colour palette of the beading.

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